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Friday, 30 July 2010

At last the pictures of the Teddy Bear Parachute Drop 2008

Well I don't know where they have gone but I'm not that bothered. It gives me plenty of time to do what I do best....Think!

In one of my earliest posts (January 2010), I commented that I had been asked to be involved in a Teddy Bear parachute jump back in 2008 and that I had refused. I said that I would post some pictures of the terrible event and I have only just found them.

The idea was that She (His wife) who is involved with the church organised this event to raise money for Claxby Church. Well I'm all for that, but to wantonly haul bears up the church tower in a basket and then throw them off as some kind of spectacle is just not on. Bears have rights you know and I doubt that many had a choice in the matter. Some were fortunate to have owners who knew how to make a passing attempt at making a parachute whereas other poor souls were literally cast adrift. One poor Bear even decided to "come out" as being gay in an attempt to be spared!

I and another bear of like views decided to form a protest camp. He helped to construct it at the church gates and as She ushered the public toward the church to view the torture she couldn't understand why everyone was stopping at the church gates to take photos and look at at my peace camp. Disappointingly He kept his distance!

The event still went ahead and here are some pictures of the terrible day taken by a sympathiser called Penny.

This is me in the peace camp with my friend. Note the placards.

These are some of the poor bears being hauled to the top of the tower and of some on their drop to the ground. The outcome in some cases was so grave(!) that I can't post some of the pictures.

A sad day for Bears!

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