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I'm Fred. I arrived on the scene in 2002 in a paper bag. I was given as a birthday present. I live with "Him" and "Her". I spend a lot of time on my shelf above their bed thinking. We also spend quite a lot of our time on our Narrowboat "Jophina II" . My blog is about my thoughts and experiences.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

I'm Back ( well nearly)

It's been a long time since I blogged but I'll be back in the swing of it very soon. There's been a lot going on this year and for various reasons I haven't got around to it. There's much to report on such varied subjects as Travel, Canals and Narrowboats and Rugby Union. You'll need to be patient as it will take me some time to get all my thoughts published.

As a reminder, I am Fred, I live on a shelf in rural Lincolnshire and I am the confidant of a chap in his fifties who is something of a grumpy old man. Well not really but he has that kind of insightfulness that comes with a person of his age. I refer to him as "Him" or "He". He is married to "Her/She" and they have two daughters "L" and "C". The elder is at University and the younger at Sixth Form College.

Look back at some of my earlier posts.

I'll be back soon.


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