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I'm Fred. I arrived on the scene in 2002 in a paper bag. I was given as a birthday present. I live with "Him" and "Her". I spend a lot of time on my shelf above their bed thinking. We also spend quite a lot of our time on our Narrowboat "Jophina II" . My blog is about my thoughts and experiences.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Summer Holidays on the Chesterfield Canal

During the summer we all went away for a week on their narrowboat. We stayed on the beautiful Chesterfield Canal which was designed by the famous canal engineer James Brindley and was one of the earliest canals to be built in Britain. Work commenced in 1771 and when completed it ran from Chesterfield to West Stockwith on the River Trent. The Norwood tunnel which was one of the longst in the country collapsed in 1907 and was never repaired. Although the canal fell into disrepair it has been heavily restored in recent years and is open from Norwood to the Trent.

We left Clayworth and headed toward the end of the canal at Norwood. Having passed through Retford we spent the first night at Osberton lock which is very pretty.


Forest Locks


The next day they did some shopping in Worksop before going on to  Shireoaks Marina which is built on the site of a former colliery.
Old Pumping Station at Worksop

Shireoaks Marina
L joined them at Shireoaks and having had some very good fish and chips and a good night’s sleep they set about the 20 locks from Shireoaks to the canal summit at Kiverton Park close to the Norwood tunnel. Now 20 locks sounds a lot but they were restored in 2001 and pass through the most wonderful countryside so the time passes very pleasurably. Mind you from my perch on the roof and not having to do any of the work I would say that wouldn’t I?!
Having spent a night at the top they turned round and made their way back to Clayworth over three days. The weather was great the whole time and we really enjoyed it.
The Chesterfield Canal is well worth a visit whether by boat or along the towpath on foot.

And here I am keeping an eye of things!


  1. Christine Richardson23 December 2011 at 15:48

    Hello Fred, so pleased you enjoyed the Chesterfield Canal, you are obviously a bear of discernment. I was closely involved in the restoration of those 20 locks to the summit, so it's great to hear you liked them so much.
    Perhaps your people would like to look at www.richlowinfo.blogspot.com for images of the Chesterfield Canal, and other waterways covered by our guides. Happy boating, Christine

  2. Thank you Christine. I think I've sen quite a few of your books on their boat and next to my shelf at home!

  3. Hello Fred. I regularly walk along the towpath of the Chesterfield Canal - it's very beautiful in places.



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