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I'm Fred. I arrived on the scene in 2002 in a paper bag. I was given as a birthday present. I live with "Him" and "Her". I spend a lot of time on my shelf above their bed thinking. We also spend quite a lot of our time on our Narrowboat "Jophina II" . My blog is about my thoughts and experiences.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Teddy Bears Picnic - A good day out....NOT

A couple of years ago She was involved in organising a fund raising event for the local church. It was advertised as a Teddy Bears picnic and on the face of it looked like a good day out. Traditional games, a toymaker, a storyteller, tombola etc; you know the sort of thing. Then the bombshell. She told Him that she had also arranged a Bear parachute drop from the church tower where people could pay (PAY!!!!!) to have their bear chucked off the tower attached to whatever excuse for a parachute their owners could conceive. I was furious and in fairness He was too and He made representations but to no avail.

The fateful day came and I was so disheartened to see fellow bears being humiliated and put in mortal danger. One ended up on the church roof and had to be dislodged with a pole and another, in a desperate attempt to avoid the drop, admitted to being gay but to no avail - they threw him off anyway.

I, however, aided and abetted by loyal friends who until now have been anonymous for fear of reprisals set up a peace camp outside the church in a protest. This really raised the profile of Bear's rights and I am hopeful we can prevent such a thing happening again although I am dismayed that similar events are held all over the country. We have much work to be done.

I've got a pictre of me in the peacecamp somewhere - I'll post it if I can find it.

A Day Out

Yesterday He had a day out. A friend of his called Ifor lives on a Narrowboat and He decided to go and visit together with a chap called Harry. Harry has known Ifor for years but hadn't seen him for quite a while so it was a time for catching up on news and gossip it would seem.

Ifor's boat was at Bramwith on the South Yorkshire navigation and after coffee Ifor and Harry set off with another boat. He helped them out by operating Bramwith Lock for them and then took his car to Barnby Dun to open a lift bridge for them. He was quite excited as he managed to create quite a queue of traffic! The picture is of Him (on the left) and Harry on Ifor's boat. The picture was taken by Ifor

About me

It's been a long time coming but here we are - my blog. I'm Fred and I am a Bear. I live on a shelf above a bed in rural Lincolnshire. I live with "Him" and "Her"; I am their confidant (whatever that is) and I think a lot about what they say and do. Through my blog I want to share some of these thoughts with the wider world and make a contribution to the sum total of Bear and human knowledge - not that the latter counts for much.

I might refer to "Him" and "Her" as "He" and "She" respectively or "They" collectively.

They have two daughters who I shall call "L" and "C". L is the older one and it at university in York. C is at secondary school. They are going to be Mega embarrassed by my blog when they discover it!!!

They do lots of things and I'll comment on some of them as well as things that have happened in my past.

They own a Narrowboat which they force me to go on from time to time. I don't let on but I quite enjoy it really although it gets a bit scary when we get up to about 3mph and I am on the roof without a life jacket. More of that it due course

So there we are.... my first post. Come back from time to time.


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